Binance Referral Code: 50% Commission

Binance is the leading cryptocurrency exchange on planet earth, and it has the features that attract a cryptocurrency trader. Beyond providing a platform for successful trading, it also gives you a chance to earn rewards when you invite our family and friends.

You do not have to worry about language barriers as the website supports major world languages. The easy-to-use layout of the exchange makes it attractive to beginners and old-timers alike.

The capacity of the exchange to process up to 1.4 million transactions in a second indicates that it is a robust platform. When you sign up on the exchange and activate the use of Binance tokens or BNB, you have some rewards. BNB users enjoy 50 percent discount on transaction fees, and this is huge.

The video below explains how BNB works in a nutshell:

Part 1: How to join Binance Referral Program

When you navigate to Binance homepage, you will come across the website header as follows:

website header

Navigate to the login/register segment; login if you already have an account, and register if you a newbie.

login register segment

You can share the rewards program with your family and friends to earn a share of the bounties. Your referral link, referral ID or QR code is the acceptable means of participation.

Referral Code

Part 2: How to find the Binance Referral Code and use it

In order to activate your Binance referral code, you need to first sign up on the exchange homepage. Since the process is easy, you will be done with this in about a minute, and do not be turned off if the pop-up that says “registration disabled “appears.

The disabling of registration can occur when the website is under maintenance or some other form of troubleshooting is ongoing. As a newbie, simply sign up when the website registration resumes and complete the log in process.

After log in, you will see the banner on the homepage header that is the Binance Referral Program. Here is what it looks like:

binance referral program

  • The simple progression when you sign up for the referral program is:
  • Get a link > Invite friends > Get paid
  • As your friends follow the prompt to register, this is what will appear as they register:

binance register

Part 3: Is Binance A Good Exchange?

The fact that Binance is the market leader among cryptocurrency exchange platforms is obvious. This assertion is reinforced by the more than 6 million membership strength as at Q 1 2018. The surge in membership explains the periodic halt to new registrations to enable the platform to respond optimally to increasing user demands.

At some point, it was reported that new registrations peaked at the 250,000 mark within 60 minutes daily. There is no doubt that this explains the soar away reputation of the exchange.  Another indication as to the popularity of the Binance exchange is the new highs recorded by the native token, BNB. BNB is rated among the top 30 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

The attraction to Binance exchange covers the trading platform and the tokens. As the tokens surge in value, they give the holder a window for wealth growth. The exchange, on the other hand, gives the user a platform for steady and dependable trades.

Using the 2 Factor Authentication

The availability of the Google Authenticator feature to verify transactions is a huge plus that gives the user a peace of mind. The SMS verification feature is also available to alert you whenever a log in is made to your account.

Using the 2FA is a trusted means to prevent unauthorized transactions on your Binance account. There is no doubt that protecting your account from hackers start with the 2FA feature.

To use the 2FA, make sure that you enter your phone number correctly so that you might receive the SMS verification code.

Here is a quick rundown on the 2FA:

  • Click on the link sent to your email to verify your account
  • Activate the Google Authenticator by first downloading it from the Google Play Store
  • The prompt after downloading is to enter the code shown on the GA in the space provided to verify your account
  • If it is successful, this activates the GA for your transactions
  • Note that SMS code and GA are different, and you will only use one of these features at a time
  • In some countries, only one of these features activated, but, at least, it is acceptable.

Part 4: Binance Reviews

To learn more about how to trade cryptocurrencies, you should read this article on Binance review to get a hold of:

  • Account verification
  • Verification processes
  • Processing times
  • Opening a new account
  • Withdrawing money from the exchanging
  • Adding money to the exchange
  • Transaction limits
  • Fiat money acceptance

You should also read this article that compares the Binance and Poloniex exchange, for you to get the definitive pros and cons of the platforms.

You will be able to learn the differences between both exchanges as to:

  • Account opening
  • Account verification
  • Adding money
  • Withdrawing money
  • Selling your cryptocurrencies
  • Transaction charges
  • Incentives to users

Another notable exchange is Bitrex, and you have a chance to see how it stacks up to Binance in terms of:

  • New account opening
  • Verifying accounts
  • Transaction charges
  • How to add money
  • How to withdraw money
  • Selling of cryptocurrencies
  • Incentives available

GDAX exchange is also notable and you can read GDAX vs Binance to learn the differences on how to:

  • Open a new account
  • Add money
  • Withdraw money
  • Buy tokes
  • Sell tokens
  • Pay for transaction charges
  • Maximize the available incentives

Part 5: Conclusion

Several people are making money on the Binance exchange each day through cryptocurrency trading in a steady fashion.

You too can reap the gains on Binance by registering for an account on the website and sharing your referral code. As you get a grip of what tokens to trade on, you can make money each day to your delight.

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